Our Fees


We offer a 15-minute phone session free of charge after an initial review of your project. General recommendations will be emailed to you along with an estimate of  costs.  Thereafter our fee is $75 per hour, with a two-hour minimum initial prepayment.


Or . . .




We will review your manuscript or proposal and give you a written,  professional  evaluation of your book’s strengths and weaknesses.  We will answer such questions as:


  • Is my book suitable for a mainstream publisher?    If not, are there niche publishers I should approach, and which ones?·        
  • Do I need an agent?  How do I find one?
  • Should I self-publish?  What can I expect if I do?  Which self-publishing platform should I use?
  • Will my book concept succeed in the marketplace?  How can I adapt it to improve my prospects?
  • Do I need a better title?  What format should my book be? 


And many more.  We’ll also look at competing titles and how well they sell.


For $99, you’ll be ready to take your book project to the next level, confident that you’re on the best possible course.