How we work . . .

We start by sitting down with you, face-to-face or by Skype, to learn about your book and your hopes for it.  Then we’ll  develop a plan of action with one single goal:  to make the most of  your book’s opportunities.  Whether you need an editorial helping hand, or advice on design, production, publicity, marketing, distribution or anything else, we’re here to help.   


We can tell you everything you need to know, but we won’t sell you on expensive extra services that will do nothing to help your book.  That isn’t our game.  We are here to help your book realize its potential at a reasonable cost, period. 


We offer the following services, as needed—



We can read your manuscript and recommend structural or thematic alterations to enhance saleability.  We can hire solid freelance copyeditors and evaluate their work.  (We will also explain the difference between editing and copyediting, and why both are important!) 



We can advise whether you should take your manuscript to one of the many self-publishing platforms available today, and review their strengths and weaknesses, and costs.    If you choose that route we can steer you through the process and avoid costly pitfalls.  If you prefer to produce the book  yourself, we can obtain and review printing estimates, help hire a cover and text designer and review their work, and provide manufacturing and delivery management (PO’s, freight instructions, advice re print run, cartoning, etc.).  We work with many short-run printers and can offer costs to you well below what’s charged by online self-publishing platforms. 



Your goal may be to sell as many copies as possible or simply get the book “out there,” but every book deserves to reach as many readers as it can.  We can offer advice on cover blurbs, ARCs (Advance Reading Copies), review copies, events and signings, press release and press-kit preparation, competitive analysis, catalog and flap copy, subsidiary rights possibilities, and more.    



Whether you decide to have your book produced by one of the publishing platforms or produce the book yourself, various distribution options are open to you, but some are not.  We can tell you what is possible, what isn’t, and how you can influence what happens.